Seymour's 'Holy Trinity'

Thursday, December 06, 2007

If you have ever visited Seymour Indiana you've likely heard the three tidbits of information that natives just love to tell you:

1) Birthplace of John Mellencamp
2) 2nd Largest High school gymnasium in the state.
3) Site of the world's first train robbery.

As I was looking for some facts today, I came across the news that the worlds first train robbery actually did NOT occur in Seymour, but in North Bend Ohio just a year previous to the infamous Reno Brothers robbery in Seymour. What else is interesting, is that to the rest of the world, they believe that the first train robbery was by Jesse James almost 10 years later then the Renos.

So there you have it. Knock that off the list of things "Seymour is Famous For".