Global Warming: What if we're right...but wrong?

Monday, December 10, 2007

There is a huge debate going on about global warming. Whether or not it's happening...if it's our fault...etc...I was just thinking a few minutes ago (scary) about this and came up with a question:

What if we successfully curb global warming and it ends up being an even more disastrous decision?

Is anyone thinking of what the effects would be if we're "successful"?

What if global warming is purely something the globe is supposed to do and we mess that up?


katbradley said...
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katbradley said...

Let's try this again...
Another demonstration of human arrogance - to imagine that our miniscule efforts can be all that significant. These are the same individuals who hold the billions-of-years view, and still think our little human blip in planetary history can determine its survival.
Your point is well-taken. The assumption is that this particular climate is the ideal, while we may never have even experienced the ideal. Humanth are tho thilly!