GOP full of "Fake Christians"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Can't say I disagree with him, Charles Barkley, former pro-basketball player made a bold statement on CNN the other night. See what you think here.


katbradley said...

Thoughts, in no particular order:
1. "Conservative" does not necessarily = "Christian", as he implies, fake or otherwise.
2. Yes, forgiveness is key, but so are justice & righteousness, asa wellas understanding and acting upon the truth that we reap as we sow, individually or otherwise.
3. Christian love for people seeks to encourage their best, not tolerate their worst.
4. Do the politicos use Christian language for their own personal gain? You bet. We know them by their fruit, not necessarily their words. Let's not be used by the slickmeisters, but be wise as serpents.
5. I'm done.

katbradley said...

Dang - I wish I could type; I really DO know how to spell...