Yes, I am a nerd.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My wife continues to remind me, almost on a daily basis, that I'm a nerd. Let me list the number of ways in which I am:

  1. I love Star Wars.
  2. I love computers.
  3. I love video games.
  4. I miss the days where we the guys would devote 8 hours to playing a long Dungeons and Dragons session.
  5. I miss the days where we the guys would devote 8 hours to playing a long Star Wars the Role playing game session.
  6. Last Spring I sat down to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (Extended versions). Each one is 3+ hours long. I started about noon, and finished about 2am.
  7. I can remember times when we would sit down and watch the original Star Wars trilogy in order.
  8. I own a "Force FX" lightsaber. It's in my office.
  9. We've made lightsaber battles on video.
  10. I own a real sword.
  11. I keep a collection of star wars figures and dragons.
  12. I have a large bag of assorted dice. 20 sided. 8 sided. 100 sided. I have them all.
  13. I can pronounce cthulu.
I can list lots and lots of things. But here's the thing...I'm proud of being a nerd. I really didn't believe I was until I saw a picture on the internet of a bunch of men, gathered around a table with dice, notebooks, D&D books and Taco Bell with the caption describing how much of a nerd these men were. I said to looks a LOT like what our nights were like.

So. It's official. I'm a nerd, and I'm ok with that.


kat.bradley said...

So... what do you call a lady nerd?